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Structural characteristics of a thimble pin valve

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A dispensing equipment or dispensing accessories, its own structure and internal parts structure is the main reason to play the dispensing function. We must study its structure in detail, so that we can better use this dispensing equipment. So what is the structure of the thimble pin valve? Is the structure of a thimble precision dispensing valve complex?
Top needle automatic dispensing valve
It's called the thimble dispensing valve, which uses stainless steel thimble to connect with the dispensing needle in the dispenser execution system, making the interaction between them very tight, and also makes the dispensing valve have the ability to resist great pressure and prevent explosion. The main production of the dispensing valve used for the manufacture of stainless steel materials, in addition to outside still need some Aluminum Alloy to make the dispensing valve, which makes it have strong abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, so also extend the service life of the dispensing valve, reduces the number of maintenance dispensing accessories, reduce the use cost of dispensing. The installation of the micrometer enables it to have the locking function, ensuring that the dispensing machine operates smoothly and smoothly when using the dispensing valve, and the gel output is more stable when dispensing.
Top needle type precision dispensing valve
In order to make the glue dispenser operate more stable when the dispenser is in the glue, it uses a mechanical - driven way of glue. This kind of dot glue drive can make the dispensing precision of the dispenser is much more precise than that of the general pneumatic and electric drive. It also uses a screw linkage device, which uses screw to rotate, and then drives other dispensing parts for mechanical movement, so that it achieves high-speed and precise linear motion, and finally starts the start of dispensing valve for motion.
Top needle type high speed glue valve
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