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How can the glue barrel save the glue and how to solve the g

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Rubber is the most common dispensing dispensing machine equipped with accessories, simply install the needle can start dispensing in the rubber barrel bottom, no need to install the dispensing valve and pressure barrel assembly small rubber tube, so the cost is low, mainly used in the low demand dispensing work, however, the rubber links the needs of ordinary dispensing is clearly unable to meet, this is because the rubber glue dispensing less can not adapt to the demand, in order to enhance the quality and quantity of glue storage replacement undoubtedly is very important.
Replace the utility of durable pneumatic pressure barrel can improve the glue storage capacity, pressure bucket capacity is very large, can accommodate more glue glue to provide stable conditions for dispensing, dispensing valve should choose suitable for the production demand as a plastic accessories, the pressure barrel end is connected with the air source end is connected with the dispensing valve the material inlet, and the dispensing valve inlet is connected with the controller, can be stable and efficient working order dispensing mode.
The use of pressure barrel has more advantages than ordinary rubber cylinder, pressure tanks can store more capacity more kinds of glue, the glue is not stable or lack of glue less glue dispensing machine configuration without the problem of work pressure barrel when the support of high and low viscosity glue dispensing, gas control glue stable flow point glue valve for dispensing pressure barrel made of stainless steel, corrosion erosion resistance, which has a longer working life.
Sometimes, there may be some small problems in pressure barrels. For example, if the supply pressure is not enough, the glue transportation is too difficult. If operators do not have relevant knowledge, they may be misjudged as the pressure bucket is broken, so we need to re adjust the pressure on the top of the pressure barrel to operate properly.
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