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What is the effect of the pressure bucket on the gluing work

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The development needs of China's manufacturing industry is expanding, the dispensing technology has become an important auxiliary production technology of the products in the production process of the adhesive, potting encapsulation, etc. should be realized through the dispensing technology, general dispensing machine desktop using small rubber glue as a tool, the bottom with a dispensing needle only, need air driven rubber glue in the flow to the needle for dispensing can, with simple and convenient operation and other advantages, although equipped with rubber tube can be used without dispensing valve and pressure barrel input at the same time, if not equipped with a pressure effect on the glue barrel?
In high demand production, simple use of rubber barrel may not fully meet the requirements of production, the amount of glue glue tube structure can store less smaller, not for stable adhesive in electronic components for high demand in the production line, the operator must frequently add glue to work properly, just so easily affect the precise alignment of a needle, so the dispensing valve and the pressure barrel is equipped with necessary.
The market is most common is 304 stainless steel pressure barrel, 304 stainless steel corrosion resistance and erosion is very good, support a variety of properties of glue dispensing sealing complete storage, so that it will not contact the air in the storage process leads to bubbles, glue water fluidity through the bottom flow supply flow good glue by the flow at the top of the glue, glue the bulk storage reduces the replacement frequency of glue dispensing, make work more stable and efficient.
The installation of pressure pail should be strictly carried out according to the instructions. Most users can easily connect the hose and the gas source connection to the wrong way, resulting in the failure to supply glue normally, and the user can easily misjudge the pressure bucket as bad. This is the details we should know.
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