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What is the non - standard pressure bucket

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The pressure barrel solves the user because of glue storage quality is too poor to influence dispensing problems, pressure barrels can store a variety of properties of glue dispensing, including the difficult to store with corrosive glue, in the industry has a variety of pressure barrel demand for users to choose, according to industry demand will also have non-standard pressure barrel manufacturers specially. Non standard pressure barrel is what?
Non standard products is not unique refitted in accordance with the national industry standard, non-standard pressure barrel is special pressure barrel specially formulated according to the actual demand of non-standard pressure dispensing, bucket with industry-specific, the glue supply effect can better meet the user's actual production needs, there are a lot of non-standard pressure barrel a variety of research and development to meet the needs of more glue supply in the industry.
There are a variety of different production requirements for pressure barrels in the system's automation, can satisfy the specific needs of users, if you need to store a large amount of glue can be achieved through the funnel pressure barrel, barrel pressure funnel is non-standard customized products, can prevent the leakage of glue in the process. The non standard welding barrel with no trace welding is brighter than the general pressure drum, and it can also keep the original production effect for a long time, and it is an important container for storing special glue.
Some production work is needed to ensure the transmission capacity of glue can have a better flow through the non-standard customized increase cylinder piston barrel can strengthen the glue transmission effect and intensity, which can transmit the glue dispensing with better effect, glue process stability for the user, to ensure the best effect, high precision production demand the glue line accessories store.
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