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What is the effect of gas instability on the normal use of p

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In the dispensing work, application of pressure barrel becomes necessary, pressure barrels of large capacity to accommodate more storage by controlling the flow of glue, glue point glue valve in the dispensing, dispensing the dispensing valve can maintain stable operation, most of the pneumatic pressure barrel adopts air pressure control glue flow, so strong depending on the source, when the source of instability effect on the pressure barrel big?
The pressure barrel internal storage glue flow supply dispensing, mainly because of the size of the source control, if the flow speed of the internal pressure large glue will accelerate the flow speed of the internal pressure, if small glue slows, glue poor mobility in addition to bottom glue also through high pressure control to normal flow, and good fluidity glue directly through the top of the air flow can be transmitted, demand is not high. The instability of gas directly affects the flow velocity of glue in the pressure barrel, which results in the bad glue supply to the operators during the high frequency dispensing process, resulting in the bad problems such as glue breaking and so on.
To ensure the normal work of the air generator is conducive to glue more smoothly transfer, strengthen the quality and stability of dispensing, gas generator instability may be circuit instability or is the body itself, the pressure regulating valve is used to control the pressure at the top of the barrel, the two can guarantee the normal use to strengthen the stability of dispensing.
The pressure barrel is broken, which easily affects the agitation function of glue, causing glue layering or uneven glue. It is necessary to maintain the pressure pail in time to avoid the normal storage and use of glue.
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