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Do you need a pressure bucket for hand glue?

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Manual dispensing is generally used in small production work, mainly responsible for some small product glue package, although the efficiency of manual dispensing than automatic dispensing of low efficiency and low precision, but easy to use simple manual dispensing, still used in the dispensing of low demand in the application range of pressure barrel itself should be connect the dispenser for use, in fact the manual dispensing with pressure barrel can also play a very good effect of dispensing.
The pressure barrel and dispensing valve, connection dispensing controller for automatic dispensing together, one end of the pressure barrel is connected with the gas. The end is connected with the dispensing valve inlet, dispensing valve inlet connection dispensing controller, by adjusting the glue dispensing controller can evenly flow point glue, so the work efficiency is equipped with a dispensing controller and pressure the manual dispensing barrel model will be favorably in the automatic dispensing machine, manual dispensing operation more flexible, can quickly adjust according to the actual working situation.
Ordinary pressure barrel has the advantages of simple structure, composed of a barrel body and a sealing cover and a clamp component, in order to have the best effect of the transmission will glue is equipped with a safety valve, pressure regulating valve, ball valve, tooth seals and other related accessories, if it takes a long time for manual dispensing can be achieved through the pressure barrel, barrel pressure can store different properties the glue, and can store a large amount of glue supply pressure dispensing, dispensing valve barrel and connected with the dispensing of higher accuracy, long time work will not be a problem for lack of glue glue dispensing, improve the quality of production.
There are many kinds of pressure barrels. The most commonly used pressure bucket on the market is made of 304 stainless steel, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and erosion resistance, enabling it to carry out stable dispensing for a long time.
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