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Where the production of pressure barrels in Guangdong area i

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To really say the pressure barrel was introduced China time than the dispensing time, because the initial dispensing is relatively simple, is a manual dispensing machine, then a handle with several pressure hose, of course that time pressure barrel barrels, although no function now so perfect, but that when the pressure brought by the barrel role is the most important of the dispensing system. With the continuous progress of the production technology, pressure barrels in the whole dispensing system also slowly fade, its role is slowly being other dispensing parts division.
But the development of things has two sides. Such segmentation is good for pressure barrel industry. In the dispensing process, the role of pressure barrel is more specific and more specialized.
At present, there are many kinds of pressure barrels in the pressure bucket Market, for example: electric stirring pressure barrels, pneumatic stirring pressure barrels, manual pressure barrels and so on. If we want to say where the pressure bucket is the best, I believe you will think of Guangdong for the first time. This is also the reason, the Guangdong pressure bucket is the first place to introduce the pressure bucket at home, so its advantage in the time of development can be imagined. But if someone asks where the pressure bucket in Guangdong is the best, do I believe that many people can't answer it?
As a matter of fact dispensing equipment production big province, Guangdong has many city pressure barrels produced are very good, but one of the most representative of these two areas is Shenzhen and Dongguan, the two regions as the largest production base of dispensing equipment, pressure barrels produced is not tube other than the domestic city functional types, are better.
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