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What type of liquid can be stored in the pressure bucket of

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Speaking of the pressure barrel, sure a lot of people will be the first time to the water pressure barrel, this is the largest, most of a pressure barrel is widely applied, as the liquid pressure in the barrel of one, the pressure barrels are used mainly in the home life, as people thirst for water purification the tool, but today I said this is the exception of a pressure barrel, the barrel pressure is widely used in industrial production.
I want to say here, we should also guess what I'm saying is the pressure barrel dispensing machine. Yes, yes, I do this pressure dispensing machine barrel accessories, and water pressure tanks are the same, is used as a container for storing liquids, but the water pressure loaded in the barrel pure water dispenser, and pressure tank is used to store the glue. This is the biggest difference between them.
With the rapid increase of China's sales pressure barrel Market in recent years, but also further promote the continuous improvement of production technology, the current market pressure on the pressure barrel barrel types are also increasing, such as: electric pressure mixing barrel, pneumatic pressure tank, automatic heating pressure barrel and other kinds of different types, the type of different, its performance is different, the use of the industry is not the same, can store the glue types are not the same. So this is a layer of a layer.
So if users need to buy in the early pressure barrel, do not know which one to buy, you must consult the advanced technical personnel in one step with experience, lest later use inappropriate trouble, and also an additional pre investment cost, this intangible added unnecessary stress for yourself.
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