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The working principle of the pressure bucket of the glue dis

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As dispensing equipment has been widely applied in recent years, it also led to its market sales of dispensing accessories. The pressure barrel industry is one of them, and pressure pail is used as glue container for dispensing glue dispensing process, which is widely used in industrial production.
If it is up to a pressure bucket, anything from the function, can be roughly divided into the paint bucket and pressure water purifier pressure barrel. The pressure barrel is mainly used for coating, painting process, because is mainly composed of a pneumatic motor, air conditioner, safety valve, valve, outlet, the inner barrel and four movable wheel composition, it is also known as the pneumatic pressure tank. The pressure bucket of water purifier is mainly used in closed water circulation system, which plays a role of balancing water volume and pressure, avoiding frequent opening of safety valve and frequent replenishment of automatic water replenishing valve. Pressure barrels now have 3.0G, 4G, 6G, 11G, 20G, 28G and so on.
If it is to distinguish it from the material can be divided into plastic barrels, barrels and carbon steel pressure pressure stainless steel pressure barrel, barrel pressure will continue to improve production technology in recent years, pressure barrels in function are constantly changing: for example: electric pressure mixing barrel, pneumatic stirring barrel, pressure automatic heating pressure barrel etc. a variety of types, different types of its working principle is different.
Then we from the principle of common pressure barrel to understand the working principle? In fact the pressure barrel is very simple, is the glue into the pressure barrel, the pressure (the best connected to a pressure regulating valve, easy to debug the size of air pressure, can ensure stable air pressure, the pressure boost) the glue, pushed to the designated location. So the dispensing process is the pressure barrel principle.
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