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Industrial silica gel pressure bucket

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The dispensing pressure bucket is just like the relationship between fish and water for dispensing equipment. Dispensing equipment is inseparable from pressure barrels, and pressure pail is also dispensed with dispensing equipment. The pressure barrel plays a very important role in the dispensing process of glue dispensing containers.
Guangdong as the largest pressure barrel pressure barrel production base, pressure barrels here produced both in kind, or in the performance of diversification are located in the forefront of the domestic. It took the silicone pressure barrels more for it. Gu Mingsi is used to silicone pressure barrel storage container silicone this glue. Silicone pressure barrel is usually used in silicone rubber machine.
Silica gel is also called silica gel, is a high active adsorption material is an amorphous silica, its main ingredient is silica, has stable chemical properties, combustion characteristics, the industrial production of plastic and metal sometimes need to be connected, but because of plastic and metal are of special material, so ordinary glue to complete bonding. Just silica many advantages in industrial production in recent years, silica gel was also applied to industrial production more and more products of bonding. For example: the integrated circuit board of high precision dispensing industry. We need to use the glue dispensing machine, dispensing containers must be stored glue, but because the silica gel viscosity is too strong, ordinary pressure bucket cannot be stored, so the silicone pressure barrel also appeared.
First of all, the silica gel pressure bucket has the characteristics of low sensitivity for high viscosity glue. In the dispensing process, silica gel is difficult to bond to the inner wall of the pressure barrel, so that it is convenient for the later maintenance and cleaning process of the pressure barrel.
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