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How to check the pressure bucket

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As the pressure bucket dispenser in the dispensing process of glue to the container storage, because of the effects of pressure tank in the dispensing process is extremely simple, it also led to a lot of people mistakenly think that the pressure barrel almost no consciousness, so in the use of the check and not enough, the will lead to serious the consequences.
Whether it is the area of the production of pressure barrel, barrel, barrel pressure inlet pressure of Guangdong or Shenzhen pressure barrel, quality, is the need to be check on it during use, this is the glue of the industry brought about. No matter what kind of glue will be accompanied by a certain viscosity, only but the level of viscous glue glue. Low viscosity, it is not easy to adhere to the inner wall of the barrel pressure, not sticky in other parts, so the equipment inspection time is a little longer. But the glue viscosity, on the contrary, must check the pressure barrel, if not a long time to check. Lead to curing residue pressure barrel problems. This will cause the late production or poor cosmetic results.
So in addition to inspect the internal pressure barrel late use, also need to check the problem? Actually buy barrels in the early pressure, must first check the pressure barrel specifications are the same brand of functional parameters and datasheet described; second is to check the pressure barrel surface is smooth, smooth, uniform color, no oil, indentation and other mechanical damage and other problems; the third is: the pressure regulating knob is good, can adjust the size of pressure, there is no tracheal blockage, smooth ventilation, pressure sensitive pointer swing direction right etc..
These are important processes to purchase pressure barrels in the early stage or to check them in the process of later use.
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