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The problems in the process of using pressure air barrel

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As the pressure barrel preservation container for liquid glue dispensing process, although the principle is very simple, but the lack of play role can not be ignored, with the continuous progress of pressure barrel production technology, can save the liquid is also more and more, so it is also called the place in liquid pressure but barrels. No matter how advanced production technology and equipment used in the process how many will have some problems, the pressure barrel is unavoidable.
What appears in the process of using the pressure barrel problem is not many, if it is to say, only leaking from this problem, many people may mistakenly believe that the air leakage, actually this is two completely different things. Although not leak like vapidity so much trouble, but in the dispensing process if the stale the phenomenon can also cause a lot of bad result, to avoid the loss.
Let me tell you the reasons lead to this situation, and how to fill up the stale after trick? Use pressure barrel people should understand the working principle of pressure barrel, glue into the pressure barrel through the air pressure glue launched this process is the pressure barrel principle, is actually very simple but in this process, if the pressure is not up to the standard, the result is that the glue back does not go out, can not complete dispensing operation; or even worse, insufficient air pressure, resulting in intermittent dispensing, dispensing uneven.
The pressure barrel stale phenomenon, the solution is simple, if it is leaking from, you can use the bicycle pump filling can be solved, but the pressure on the attention don't add too much, only need to reach the standard of state on the line.
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