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What is the meaning of the pressure bucket of the glue dispe

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In fact, if you want to talk about the pressure barrel, many people would definitely say this type of water pressure tank pressure bucket name, yes, this is the pressure barrel, relative to the dispensing machine barrel pressure, but the water pressure is more a famous barrel. In fact, the total that they belong to the liquid pressure barrel, but the difference is that a pressure barrel is filled with pure water, is what we said at the beginning of the net water pressure barrel, then what is the dispensing pressure barrel? Is used for what?
Dispensing machine pressure dispensing equipment in a barrel as accessories, to the container storage effect on the glue in the dispensing process, squeeze through pressure regulator control the size of the pressure in the barrel until the glue glue, pressure out so far. The sound of the process is very simple, but for the process of dispensing equipment it is very important, is irreplaceable, but appeared in the middle of any error, will lead to the final effect of dispensing the deviation.
With the increasing pressure of barrel production technology in recent years, dispensing machine pressure bucket is not only just a normal pressure plastic barrel, which also appeared many new species, if it is according to the production of material to distinguish words, can be divided into: stainless steel, carbon steel pressure pressure barrel barrels and plastic barrels which are three kinds of pressure. But people have added many new functions in these three categories, such as electric stirring pressure barrel, pneumatic stirring pressure bucket, automatic heating pressure bucket and so on.
Different types of pressure barrels are also used on different glue dispensing equipment, and the types of glue that can be loaded are different, so the function of the pressure bucket is also different.
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