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How to clean the pressure bucket of the glue dispenser

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Speaking of the pressure barrel, I believe many people have a certain understanding of it, if it is from the action to distinguish words, can be divided into the paint bucket and the net pressure water pressure barrels, paint barrels of pressure is used primarily in the painting process, mainly because there is a pneumatic motor, a pressure regulating valve, safety valve, discouraged the discharge valve, a port and the inner barrel and the four activity theory, it is also known as the pneumatic pressure tank. However, the water pressure barrel is different. It is mainly used in closed water circulation system, which plays a role of balancing water volume and air pressure, so as to avoid frequent opening of safety valve and frequent replenishment of automatic water replenishing valve.
But what we say today is a paint pressure in the barrel, the barrel pressure is also called pressure dispensing machine barrel, as the name implies: This is the use of pressure tank as storage containers and in the presence of glue dispensing equipment, with the rapid increase of pressure barrel production technology, the dispensing pressure barrel is also more and more advanced functionality is also more and more, such as: electric pressure mixing barrel, pneumatic pressure tank, automatic heating pressure barrels and other types.
But no matter what kind of pressure barrel, in the process of using need cleaning, this is also the dispensing of the industry brought about, because no matter what kind of pressure barrel, dispensing pressure barrel cleaning is necessary process. Because if long time of dispensing machine pressure barrels cleaning it, will cause the wall thickening is brought about by the glue storage capacity decreased, this is not serious, more serious will result in the pressure barrel glue outlet plug. In normal production can not be carried out.
In fact, the pressure barrel cleaning of dispensing machine is a very simple process. After every time we use the pressure bucket, we pour the cleaning agent into the barrel, or continue to operate according to the normal condition.
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