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Why can there be water in the pressure bucket of the glue di

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The pressure barrel as an important parts of dispensing equipment, in the dispensing process to the storage effect on glue, with pressure barrel production technology continues to improve, the pressure barrel has added many new functions, such as electric pressure and stirring barrel automatic heating pressure barrel and other types of pressure barrel.
But no matter how advanced production technology and equipment used in the process inevitably occurred some problems. So is the pressure barrel, was often see this kind of problem in the online search "," water pressure barrel if there is pressure barrels of water, resulting in what reason is there. What method can be solved? Here by the system automation technician to give you a user to analyze the problem and solve the problem.
Cause pressure barrels is the cause of memory in many aspects, such as: in the water added in the water when debugging glue is too much, will appear this kind of problem, but the most serious cause of this phenomenon is caused by the leakage of pressure barrel, usually the problem situation is very small, because the majority of users in the purchase of the pressure barrel, will be carefully checked again on it. But there is no denying that the collision occur in the process of using the pressure barrel leak finally is the result of pressure is not up to the standard, or is the glue water reaction caused by air and the barrel surface has a layer of glue water.
Usually this happens, we must contact the manufacturer as soon as possible, because the water in the pressure bucket will seriously lead to sticky sticky glue when dispensing. The serious consequence is that products often fall off.
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