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How to distinguish the pressure bucket used in the glue indu

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The pressure barrel can be used in many industries, to the application of industry, rubber industry water purification industry and coating industry, these are all can use the pressure barrel, how to distinguish the pressure barrel used in the dispensing industry, in fact it is easy to be able to distinguish, in different industries, parts of the structure there are a lot of different, can be distinguished from these structures on the pressure barrel glue industry.
The pressure barrel using the water purification industry is the most simple identification, because of the pressure barrel water purification industry basically is the use of plastic manufacturing, the main function is to store water, so the difference is still relatively easy to appear, both the application of industry is far larger than the difference between the use of materials, the basic difference between the pressure barrel what is not difficult, but the pressure barrel coating industry would be a little difficult.
The materials used for pressure drums and dispensing pressure pail are stainless steel and the shape is similar. How to distinguish those for dispensing or coating? In fact there is a method, the general use of glue coating, basically manual stirring mode, or is the pressure lid with a handrail can easily move, while dispensing pressure high viscosity glue barrel except an agitator, basically not, or the institutions will not have the barometer and because they are used the controller controls the pressure flow, so that these can be resolved according to the simple kind of pressure barrel suitable dispensing industry.
Pressure barrels are basically used for these industries. Although other industries use pressure barrels, they are no longer important.
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