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Which kind of pressure bucket is more suitable for the use o

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The dispensing industry basically use pressure barrels, in addition to manual dispensing industry, the use of automated production mode or single automatic dispensing machine, need to use pressure barrels for glue, glue will not appear inadequate for long time use things dispensing barrel, using pressure according to the requirements of the selection of the best glue, some kinds of complicated pressure barrel the effect of pressure, the barrel is somewhat different.
What are the appropriate pressure barrel electronic industry, the market has several very suitable electronic industry, are the electric stirring barrel, pressure flat cover type pressure barrel, piston pressure barrels, which are more suitable to the electronics industry, because the electronic industry using silica gel as the main sticky glue, red glue the relatively high and the need for heating can be cured, so the pressure barrel to be used in the delivery of viscous glue and heating.
Electric stirring the sticky glue pressure barrel can stir, let it have certain liquidity, there is the precipitation of glue mixture mixing, thus conveying glue more easily, glue quality will be better, so that the effect of dispensing is also improved, the use of accessories will need to achieve this effect, used in electronic industry electric mixing pressure barrel is the best, because the performance of the other two dispensing without electric, so the electronics industry the best choice of electric pressure dispensing barrel.
Select the pressure barrel with the choice of dispenser accessories, are required to use the best equipment, this product is to meet the needs of large customers, inappropriate choice of production equipment, do not have much effect on production, rather than using a semi automatic dispensing machine production, or to choose the best equipment.
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