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How to fill the pressure bucket of the glue dispenser

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Continue to expand the application of dispenser dispensing technology to further improve the production work, dispensing electronic factory and chemical factory in the execution by dispensing machine, pressure cans are important parts of dispensing, mainly responsible for the storage of glue, and make it to the application of the best bonding effect in glue production, automatic pressure barrel is divided into electric drive and pneumatic drive, the practical application of most automatic pressure barrel by gas flow driven glue dispensing mode, then the pneumatic pressure filling pressure is completed.
The dispensing pressure barrel available in semi automatic dispensing connected dispensing controller can also be connected to a large dispensing dispensing machine, charging pressure barrel is mainly through the controller, one end is connected with the gas pressure dispensing barrel, dispensing control pressure bucket top pressure regulating valve can adjust the air pressure to adjust the size of glue to the feed flow rate, and pressure connection point bucket rubber valve mouth, use pressure pressure into the glue dispensing valve, and pressure to glue evenly coated alignment position through the dispensing controller, effectively improve the efficiency and precision of dispensing dispensing.
The glue dispensing pressure barrel is closely related with the glue properties, if using high viscosity fluidity to glue glue dispensing to normal flow through the bottom, if it is a low viscosity glue dispensing flow directly through the top of the transmission can be made of stainless steel, pressure barrel opening and the installation is simple and convenient, and the glue can be imported directly to normal operation strong mixing system, so that the glue evenly without separation, good structural design makes the glue flow more smoothly, dispensing work can meet the high demand for most of the production line, store a variety of corrosive glue without rust deterioration.
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