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How to solve the problem of insufficient pressure in pressur

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Dispensing technology plays an important role in the production work, dispensing machine is generally use rubber storage glue, glue the small rubber tube can store less, so can be used in the low demand of the production line, if you want to store large amount of glue, can through the pressure barrel storage glue, glue by pressure bucket pressurized supply glue flow, when the glue supply interruption is mainly because the pressure barrel for pressure caused by insufficient, so how to solve this problem?
The pressure barrel for low pressure is mainly because the source of job instability caused by pressure, barrel can connect the controller to perform dispensing dispensing, can also be connected to automatic dispensing equipment, the pressure tank is connected to one end of the gas source, end is connected with the dispensing valve inlet pressure feed through the extrusion flow valve point glue glue dispensing valve inlet port. The top of the tube is connected to the controller, if the air generator is unstable and easily make for lack of pressure, gas generator replacement can improve the effect of pressure for high efficiency.
Automatic pressure barrel is a specialized for storing glue accessories, automatic pressure barrel made of stainless steel with longer and more efficient storage effect, one that can store a variety of style building with corrosive glue, more comprehensive sealing glue can be stored without bubbles in the pressure barrel.
In order to ensure the automatic pressure barrel for the pressure effect, during the installation process should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation manual, automatic pressure barrel pressure regulating valve, safety valve, discharge port, exhaust valve, 304 stainless steel pressure barrel has a longer life and better working effect, enhance the practicability and the value of dispensing.
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