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Which production needs to use pressure bucket

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In recent years, dispensing technology has attracted more and more attention in manufacturing, meet more production line through the high performance dispensing function, help users to improve the production efficiency and quality, the pressure barrel is mainly used for storing glue, in dispensing by pressure driven flow can make the glue, the glue dispensing valve to flow uniformly accurate dispensing, pressure barrels equipped with is not necessary, if the user needs lower dispensing through the rubber tube to achieve common dispensing, what work needs to meet the pressure barrel?
The internal pressure bucket capacity is larger, can accommodate more storage glue dispensing, pressure barrels to meet the high demand of the dispensing work, in order to avoid the flow of glue layer in the long-term storage barrel pressure, through the internal dynamic mixing system makes the glue more uniform and efficient, used in the dispensing work has a stronger adhesive strength, the glue less common rubber barrel can hold the higher frequencies need to be replaced by glue, equipped with pressure barrels can reduce the frequency of replacing glue, make the product quality reaching consistent efficiency.
Can configure the pressure barrel in the dispensing parts of large products, such as large wood adhesive links can be used for the glue to use pressure barrel, glue can strengthen the conversion to avoid the use of excessive use of glue waste, improve work dispensing costs, support a variety of medium pressure barrel glue for storage, either high or low viscosity glue the viscosity of glue are applicable, and can be stored with a certain corrosive glue, meet the production needs of users more comprehensive.
Most of the pressure pail demand in Shenzhen is mainly made of stainless steel pressure pail. The stainless steel has higher service life and working intensity, which can meet more comprehensive dispensing requirements.
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