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How to ensure the stable supply of glue

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Dispensing technology has become an important industrial production technology, the machine can complete the work product dispensing adhesive dispensing equipment, production line is equipped with can improve the output value, of course, related accessories dispensing machine must go through specialized selection in order to ensure the quality of dispensing, dispensing in order to improve the quality and efficiency, to ensure a stable supply of glue, glue should strengthen the supply effect by what means.
General storage glue dispensing machine is realized through the rubber cylinder, while the rubber tube installation is very convenient to use, but the rubber containing small amount of glue, the operator must frequently add glue dispensing needle, easily affect the accuracy in replacement, solve the problem of unstable supply of glue glue storage pressure barrel pressure can large capacity, can accommodate more glue storage, pressure barrel internal configuration mixing system, to handle the glue for long-term storage caused by the inhomogeneous, make more uniform glue bonding effect is stronger, used in high demand in the production line to ensure a stable supply of glue.
The dispensing needle is also an important factor affecting the supply of glue, the glue outlet of small small needles, single spit gum may and cannot form a proportional pressure, internal accumulation of glue can not be normal flow may cause partial blockage, if in the high demand for the production of work should be larger needles, this is because the dispensing needle the greater the export quantity of cement is bigger, can choose TT type needles larger to strengthen dispensing fluency.
The effect of glue supply is closely related to the working pressure of the air compressor and the viscosity of glue. By strengthening the pressure value or reducing the glue viscosity, the glue supply is more efficient and smooth, so as to complete the dispensing work more comprehensively.
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