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What kind of glue can the pressure bucket store

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The pressure barrel is an important accessory dispensing equipped, using pressure barrel storage to ensure the bonding strength of glue glue, the glue filling pressure through the pressure evenly flow valve to reach the point of glue dispensing, in the industry's most popular products are also made of carbon steel pressure barrel stainless steel pressure barrel. In the functional advantage is undoubtedly the stainless steel pressure barrel to occupy the dominant position, the pressure storage bucket in the end what kind of glue?
Automatic pressure barrel is an intelligent dispensing accessories, automatic pressure barrel can enhance the transmission effect of the glue, glue the quantitative transmission, strengthen the effect of using the glue and conversion rate, the maximum to avoid the waste of consumables cost, automatic pressure barrel can store many kinds of high viscosity glue and low viscosity glue. Low viscosity glue through the flow at the top of the supply, and high viscosity glue to the bottom of the barrel through the pressure rubber, fully meet the user's requirements of production, can store a certain corrosive glue, with the use of higher and service life, fully meet the needs of users dispensing work.
In order to prevent glue from being stored in the pressure barrel for a long time and affect the bonding effect, the pressure barrel is equipped with pneumatic agitator, which makes the glue more uniform through stable and strong agitation, and the effect will be further improved when applied to bonding or packaging.
There is a lot of pressure barrel accessories, pressure regulating valve, safety valve, ball valve, sealing ring, tooth joint, and is used for heating the heating bag, glue silicone sheet stainless steel heating bag, in order to adapt to the dispensing work more comprehensive, help the needs of users to create a higher working efficiency of dispensing.
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