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The difference between the non standard pressure barrel and

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With the further development of dispensing technology, more and more industries need to enhance the value through the dispensing, dispensing equipment has become an important link of production, cause dispensing machine equipped with pressure barrel is more smoothly in order to use glue dispensing, in the practical application of non-standard pressure barrel has broad market application, non-standard pressure the barrel and the standard pressure difference determines the scope of the barrel.
Standard pressure barrel is made by the national industry standard, from a practical point of view the standard pressure barrel meets the application work more comprehensive, strict material selection and manufacturing technologies to enhance the stability of the standard pressure barrel, can help users complete the work more stable and efficient transmission of glue, but the standard pressure applied to the barrel the requirements of production may not be satisfied, this is the limitations of standard pressure barrel.
Non standard pressure barrel is mainly a product of users and manufacturers deliberations made the general stability of non-standard custom than standard barrel pressure should be lower, the error is very small only for high precision dispensing work has certain influence, rather than the standard pressure barrel is according to the actual needs of users for customization, so it has the industry according to the standard specifications, the pressure barrel may not be able to meet the needs of the users to complete further dispensing work, rather than the special design standard pressure barrel so that it can meet the needs of users of the dispensing.
Shenzhen most of the pressure barrel from non-standard customized non-standard accessories industry market, new pressure barrel is equipped with standard pressure barrels are not available, and non-standard bucket plays in the special production line in the role of higher, such as funnel barrel, barrel, double barrel flange liquid heating etc..
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