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What related accessories are there in the pressure bucket

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In order to achieve stable and efficient dispensing work, equipped with special pressure barrel dispensing machine is particularly important, the pressure barrel can store more glue dispensing machine for use, not for the instability of the adhesive glue packaging quality of products in dispensing, pressure barrels accessories value can not be ignored, what are the pressure barrel related accessories?
The pressure barrel cover is equipped with a variety of accessories work, including the safety valve as an important accessory control glue, selection of high quality copper material safety valve to control the supply pressure, have high strength high hardness and corrosion resistance and chemical performance, simple and convenient to use and durable, is applied to adjust the pressure of filling pressure effect more prominent security.
The top of the barrel pressure pneumatic motor can drive the flow of glue glue, can strengthen the effect of the fluid transmission muffler collocation, internal mixer glue is stored for a long time without precipitation decrease the bonding strength of glue, suitable for a variety of fluid dispensing to meet production requirements.
The top of the pressure meter is used to display the size of the internal barrel pressure supply pressure, if the transmission speed and transmission efficiency is too low will affect the pressure value through the glue, pressure table is convenient for the operator to adjust according to the actual conditions, supply point glue to complete a more comprehensive and efficient.
Non standard pressure barrel is mainly for the development of industry demand, not in conformity with national production standards, non-standard pressure barrel accessories collocation need less, with only a common pressure regulating valve, ball valve and other non-standard tooth can be, the capacity of the barrel can be customized according to user needs, reduce the time required to replace the glue, improves the product quality and efficiency of dispensing dispensing.
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