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Why the working life of the stainless steel pressure barrel

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General dispensing machine is used to supply small needle dispensing, small needle cylinder has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient use etc. However, needle, in order to ensure the stable effect of dispensing, dispensing machine equipped with pressure can enhance the stability of the glue barrel, usually work with stainless steel pressure dispensing barrel as the glue supply device, stainless steel the pressure barrel long service life is what reason?
Most of the available automatic pressure barrel made of 304 stainless steel, stainless steel and chemical resistance of titanium alloy can be used to store not much difference between, most with corrosive glue, through the automatic mixing function to solve the internal problems of long-term storage glue precipitation, pressure barrels of stainless steel with heat resistance and high temperature performance, to to accommodate a variety of high viscosity and high temperature glue.
The mechanical properties of stainless steel pressure barrel is very good, 304 stainless steel can withstand a certain degree of impact, high quality and stable material dispensing improves working stability and value, combined with the push rod and the cover to improve the fixed effect, the barrel body is integrally molded to create, good safety performance, with advantages such as fire and explosion.
According to the analysis of the market situation of Shenzhen universal pressure barrel stainless steel pressure barrel, stainless steel pressure barrels of high cost and long service life, long time used in high demand to improve the stability of dispensing dispensing work, sealing the feeding opening outside of the complete solid super thick and strong durability, suitable for application of glue coating in high demand product.
The production cost of stainless steel pressure bucket is higher than that of carbon steel pressure barrel. The same stainless steel pressure bucket has more applicable scope and working characteristics than carbon steel pressure bucket.
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