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The use of the pressure barrel strengthens the control of th

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Has a role in promoting the development of dispensing technology on the development of manufacturing industry, packaging, coating, adhesive manufacturing industry can be used for dispensing, dispensing machine appears to enhance product quality and production efficiency, an important pressure bucket dispenser belongs to accessories, equipped with pressure barrel can strengthen the dispensing work execution effect. The use of pressure control efforts to strengthen the glue barrel.
The specific requirements of the glue dispensing machine of high speed is very high, in addition to glue to keep the stable supply also need to control the viscosity, if the glue supply is unstable and easily caused by the lack of glue glue products, to meet the high quality to ensure the supply of dispensing glue, pressure barrels with preparation is essential, pressure barrels is a kind of external accessories, glue can store more than ordinary rubber, mainly used in the dispensing work efficiently and stably, uses air pressure bucket control glue flow, the glue to complete the transfer in dispensing work, improve the yield and efficiency of product and supply through the top of the adjustable pressure barrel pressure valve can more accurately control the glue, glue to strengthen the conversion rate to help users save supplies.
For a variety of properties of the pressure barrel storage glue, stainless steel material which has a longer life and better work, if you need to use high viscosity glue glue supply through the low-end, if need low viscosity glue glue can be directly at the top, the pressure barrel solution dispensing machine often occurs for the plastic instability the problem, with pressure bucket to reduce the influence of factors of instability in the dispensing process, the defect rate control, effectively help users to enhance the yield and quality of dispensing dispensing.
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