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How to meet the working characteristics of high demand glue

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At the present stage of manufacturing industry production in general automation production standards, production automation can help the user to reduce the material cost and investment, so it is efficient for dispensing dispensing process, uniform and stable of products by high performance automatic dispensing function, to choose a high performance machine can meet the production demand in high glue dispensing work. In terms of accessories to meet production requirements, how to meet the high demand of dispensing work?
High performance work needs the dispensing dispensing demand also requires excellent parts can work stably, dispensing machine to meet the high demand of dispensing can choose multi station and multi station function for dispensing a plurality of dispensing products at the same time, according to the actual demand can be configured in a plurality of glue head meet work. The premise of ensuring the high demand for dispensing is the maintenance of equipment, the smoothness of dispensing machine, the improvement of dispensing efficiency, the establishment of maintenance cycle to ensure the stable working effect of dispensing machine, and the removal of dust accumulated by rails during long-term dispensing.
Dispensing large demand for supplies in the high-speed operation, the glue used in high speed dispensing dispensing process consumption is very large, and the use of small needle dispensing machine is difficult to meet the high demand for small amount of glue dispensing work, small needle can hold, requires the operator to complete the frequent replacement of the glue dispensing work. The frequent replacement of the glue dispensing directly affect the stability of the product, make the dispensing quality uneven, equipped with stainless steel pressure barrel can solve this problem well, stainless steel pressure barrel can hold more than ordinary needle glue dispensing machine to provide more stable and more efficient work mode, and strengthen the application effect of the glue, to meet the the dispensing work more comprehensive.
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