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The functional properties of the pressure bucket

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High demand for dispensing work, dispensing equipment and high performance pressure barrel configuration is essential, is an important application of pressure barrel accessories in the storage stable supply of glue, dispensing work in high demand pressure barrel plays an important role in the needs of the user should consider the pressure barrel functional attributes choose a suitable and comprehensive dispensing function in the selection of machine parts.
According to the number of different with the actual situation of the pressure barrel are not the same, most single component glue only equipped with a single barrel pressure can meet the work requirements, if applicable two-component glue mixed dispensing will equipped with two pressure barrels are mixed, two barrels were stored pressure A glue and B glue, suitable for heating heating package the pressure at the bottom of the barrel, the glue flow better effect more smoothly, the disc heating effect is relatively more competitive with heating.
The pressure barrel distinguished by material mainly carbon steel and stainless steel pressure tank pressure barrel, work including stainless steel pressure barrel has a longer service life, high performance sealing glue is stored for a long time will not air and impurities in the gas mixture, and stainless steel have good corrosion erosion ability, to strengthen the user control efforts on glue.
In order to meet the needs of users with high demand, the pressure barrel has a barrel and glue system interface to achieve a stable glue supply effect. The location and shape of the hose directly affect the stability and pressure of the glue transmission, which is an important part of the glue transmission process.
According to the different pressure of the design concept, the barrel is also divided into closed and non closed ones. Most of the pressure pail are closed design. When working normally, the pressure bucket is in a closed state of high intensity, so that the operator can avoid the incorrect operation and affect the dispensing effect.
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