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The service life of the pressure bucket of the glue dispense

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Dispensing machine pressure barrel was industrial production called glue pressure barrel, a storage barrel, which play an important role in the equipment dispensing process as the container store is the glue, don't look at it in the dispensing process of the principle is quite simple, but its role is not to be played instead, it is also very important, so this kind of dispensing pressure barrel for a long life? Here by the system automation technician simple on the problem analysis about it!
In recent years, with the rapid increase of pressure barrel production technology, types of pressure also increased more in the barrel, barrel pressure appears on the market at present if it is according to the production of different materials to distinguish words, can be divided into three kinds: the three shaft type stainless steel pressure barrel, steel pressure barrels and plastic barrels of pressure the first mainly in the pressure barrel. This kind of plastic material production, plastic pressure barrel production is relatively simple, and the plastic material is cheaper, so this is why the pressure plastic bucket can have long been the reason application dispensing equipment factory. But the pressure barrel also has serious drawbacks, this is the plastic the hardness of the material is used for a long time, prone to cracks or crack problems, so usually use plastic pressure barrel life is not long.
But with the pressure barrel of the continuous improvement of production technology, stainless steel and carbon steel for pressure barrel main production materials continue to emerge in the market, has the characteristics of seismic, compressive strength, corrosion resistance, fire and other pressure barrels of stainless steel and carbon steel pressure barrel, due to carbon steel and stainless steel material hardness is better, so the service life is long.
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