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What is the difference between the glue pressure barrel and

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With the continuous improvement of people's material life, the material production activities are also increasing demands, such as pressure barrel industry. In order to meet the needs of the market, with the rapid increase of pressure barrel production technology industry in recent years, the pressure barrel industry is also in constant progress, whether in kind, or in the performance of the equipment. Still, in the functionality of the device have been on a higher level of increase.
Currently on the market there are many types of pressure barrel, but if it is from the effect of the difference, can be divided into the paint bucket and net pressure water pressure barrel two, wherein the coating pressure barrel in glue pressure barrel as the main type, then the difference pressure and water pressure glue barrel barrels of the two barrels of pressure where? By the application of the industry one?
Then from the glue pressure barrel began? The pressure barrel is mainly for the glue dispensing equipment produced, such as: all kinds of glue dispensing machine or machine equipment, the equipment in the dispensing process as the glue storage container, so it is also called industrial glue barrel. With the increasing pressure glue pressure barrel production technology and market demand continues to improve, in order to adapt to the characteristics of various types of glue, glue barrel type pressure in recent years has soared rapidly, such as: type of electric stirring barrel, pressure pneumatic stirring pressure barrel, automatic heating pressure barrels and so many.
The water pressure barrel is mainly used in people's daily life, it is a container for storage of pure water is produced, in order to maintain cleanliness of pressure barrel, the barrel pressure production is the main material in plastic, and the net water pressure than the pressure rubber barrel barrel price should be many cheap.
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