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Glue equipment to promote the rapid promotion of pressure bu

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Now the dispensing industry gradually into the status of dispensing equipment All flowers bloom together., all kinds of different functions began to be put into the market, such as: hot melt glue dispensing machine, glue dispensing machine, double point glue machine, automatic dispensing machine such as silica gel of different types, used to be equipped with the dispenser and its corresponding dispensing accessories, such as the pressure barrel, if the hot melt glue machine using ordinary pressure barrel was unable to complete the dispensing operation, other dispensing equipment is the same way. So what is the dispensing equipment to promote the pressure barrel industry or pressure barrel industry promotes the point of plastic machine industry? So the following is a simple discussion by the technician of the Chinese system.
Time is the kind of glue machine or glue machine, in the dispensing process to complete dispensing operations quickly, must be equipped with the corresponding barrel pressure, pressure barrels as storage containers as the liquid dispensing equipment dispensing process. The above mentioned that in recent years we also point glue equipment along with the changes of the market the demand, so ordinary pressure barrel can meet various dispensing equipment needs? The answer is definitely not, for example, hot melt adhesive glue dispensing machine need to be heated to complete dispensing operation in the dispensing process, if this process using ordinary pressure barrel is unable to complete the process, must to use automatic heating pressure barrels to operate. Due to this. The market also appeared in a large number of automatic heating pressure barrel.
There are many, the same things such as: two-component glue in the process of using more trouble, the use of traditional methods are manual debugging, this mode of operation is not only inefficient, and the glue debugging is not uniform, so the dispensing efficiency is greatly reduced, but if the use of electric stirring barrel pressure, can the quick fix.
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