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Several problems exist in the development of pressure bucket

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If you want to trace the dispensing accessories is the first to enter the China, I believe that when one of the first is the pressure barrel accessories is, pressure barrels as to storage containers for glue dispensing equipment dispensing process. But the dispensing equipment in China relatively late, so the beginning of dispensing is how to operate the pressure? A barrel as what kind of role? Here by the system technicians to elaborate the domestic development of pressure barrel problem.
The traditional way of dispensing is a manual operation mode, the equipment is relatively backward in time, automated dispensing equipment has not yet appeared, because when the glue is less, so the storage pressure barrels of glue is relatively simple, is a simple plastic bucket. With the widely application of glue. Dispensing equipment needs more extensive and diversified. Currently on the market a variety of dispensing equipment, such as automatic glue dispensing machine, machine, hot melt glue dispensing machine, silicone rubber machine, glue dispensing machine and other styles.
No matter what kind of dispensing equipment, must be equipped with the corresponding pressure barrel, otherwise we can not complete the normal dispensing operation, although the domestic pressure barrel to enter the China for many years, also has a very good development, but if you really say so, domestic pressure barrel and the inlet pressure barrel there is not a small gap.
The details are as follows: factory production conditions are backward, no specialized production mode, the enterprise is not centralized, in a scattered state; market management is messy, not a unified price system, brand awareness is relatively poor, which is why the pressure barrels of the domestic production of the most important reasons go into the high-end market.
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