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Will the pressure bucket explode during the use of the barre

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The progress of dispensing machine production technology constantly in recent years, the emergence of dispensing equipment on the market is already showing the All flowers bloom together. regardless of production technology, but then how advanced dispensing equipment, must be equipped with a suitable pressure barrel, to ensure the storage of glue in the dispensing process.
Continue to expand the application range of dispensing equipment brought by the rapid increase in the pressure barrel market sales, but things are often there are two sides of the market, rapid increases in sales has also brought some problems, such as pressure tank explosion, this problem is the most serious problem occurred in the production process, not only can not be normal production for more serious, but also to the production personnel caused life safety threat. So what is the way to avoid this kind of problem, can greatly enhance the pressure barrel life.
Usually the manufacturers in the production of pressure barrel, barrel pressure produced is the pressure to bear a certain amount of pressure, it should be within the range of design parameters, more than words, you must release the pressure, otherwise, there will be the risk of explosion. So in this affair, buy pressure barrel. The brand must be pressure barrel through formal channels to buy, as long as the correct operation, the probability of occurrence of pressure barrel explosion is still very low. But it is undeniable that the use of a long time, the equipments are aging or poor quality of equipment accessories, which lead to the failure of high voltage switch equipment, and in no one case also continue to work, resulting in pressure within the pressure barrel is too large and explosion.
But with the continuous improvement of pressure barrel production technology in recent years, all kinds of stainless steel pressure barrels and carbon steel pressure pails appear in the market. The pressure barrels produced by these two materials are higher than those of plastic pressure barrels in terms of compression and seismic resistance.
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