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When should the pressure bucket of the glue machine need to

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No matter what the machine or equipment has its life cycle, more than the life cycle, the product is discarded items, for example: we often use daily car mileage calculation from the purchase date, mileage exceeds the limit after the car must be called scrapped cars, if in the opening rate, it can be dangerous. So like the pressure barrel used dispensing equipment has no cycle? In the process of using the pressure tanks need to be replaced? The automation technology system and members in brief?
The pressure barrel as dispensing dispensing equipment accessories dispensing process must be used to, in the dispensing operation, the storage of glue, glue dispensing equipment accessories because each has its facilities, such as hot melt adhesive dispensing machine must use the hot glue dispensing valve with stainless steel needles and automatic heating pressure barrel. So if the pressure barrel failure during use, it is best to choose the maintenance, it can save the cost of production. If it is not repair, it can only choose to replace.
With the increasing pressure of barrel production technology in recent years, kinds of pressure barrel has also undergone a great change, is no longer the traditional plastic barrels of this single pressure type. The pressure barrel dispensing pressure barrel on the market if it is in accordance with the production of material to distinguish words, can be divided into plastic barrels, stainless steel barrel pressure pressure three types of carbon steel and pressure barrels, with stainless steel and carbon steel as compared with pressure barrel plastic pressure barrel material produced, in compression, anti seismic, improves corrosion, fire and life cycle are.
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