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Test standard for purchasing pressure buckets

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If you say that the selection of a clothing inspection standards, I believe that many people will say a pile off the reel. But if you put the product into the dispensing pressure barrel, many people will be rendered speechless. Due to the industrial equipment, products, a lot of people is not very normal understanding of it, but for those need to use the dispensing equipment or dispensing equipment manufacturers is very important. Because it relates to the problem of the use of pre pressure barrel installation problems and pressure barrel late smooth and long service life.
So when purchasing pressure pail, what are the inspection standards for pressure pail? How can we buy good pressure pail? Here's a way to choose the dispensing pressure pail based on many years' experience:
A pressure barrel brand specifications and datasheet function parameters whether described; two, the metal surface is smooth, smooth, uniform color, no oil, indentation and other mechanical damage; three, pressure barrel material, type, diameter, height, thickness, complete accessories (including: safety valve, pressure relief valve, the intake pressure regulating valve, the outlet and inlet pipe) reference manual parts list for a test; four, whether the surface spalling, scratches, holes, burr scratches and other defects; five, printing content, type, working temperature range, manufacturers of trademarks, production date, safety certification mark for marking is clear and correct etc..
The last part is to test the function. First of all, whether the pressure knob is good, whether the air pressure is strong or weak can be adjusted. Secondly, there is no blockage in the trachea, and the two parts need to be tested.
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