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What should be noticed in the pressure bucket store glue

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Pay attention to the problem of storing barrel pressure glue or some kind of equipment, not without problems, as the top domestic robot even as there will be problems, although the pressure barrel production technology should be more mature, but when production or operation process will not be careful, these are the problems, or the production process needs to use pay attention to some problems, no one can guarantee that the quality of machine products.
Glue pressure bucket, there are also some problems, such as: lack of pressure seal, need to pass into the barrel internal pressure, if there is a lack of pressure seal, will leak, so the pressure barrel can not provide the glue to the dispenser, appeared on the progress of the work effect is very high, the production process need to pay special attention to details.
The emergence of problems requires a solution. It is the easiest way to detect whether the pressure cylinder is leaking. The easiest way is to put the bucket into the water and then fill it up to air pressure. If there is a leak, there will be blisters. There is a way of air pressure, that is, according to the data of pressure regulating valve, it is able to detect whether there is a problem of air leakage, which is where the above method can detect the problem.
Pressure bucket material joint leakage problem of rubber material, in the interface of the joint in a thread, need to use the tape were rolled up, and then engage with a long time will be the glue tape corrosion clean, easy in leakage or glue joint is not tight, there will be such a problem, the production of any products are needed to prevent this idea, out of the production equipment is the best.
When you buy products, you'd better try the effect, which can prevent the products with manufacturing mistakes. The manufacturing process of the pressure bucket is simple and the problem is still relatively small. But when choosing it, it's better to pay attention to it.
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