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What is pneumatic injection valve

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In recent years, more and more dispensing equipment are used in electronics and other popular industry, so the sales of dispensing equipment market has also been developing rapidly. The rapid increase in market sales, also brought with the increasingly fierce market competition, in the face of such a situation some manufacturers faced with the closure of the crisis. But there are some manufacturer of independent innovation, to produce a new product to change the situation.
Dispensing injection valve in this case has been rapidly applied, the traditional dispensing valve are in contact dispensing, dispensing the dispensing efficiency relatively slow, dispensing quality is not high, and because of friction in contact and product dispensing needle caused some products easy to be scratched, not only seriously the influence of the quality of dispensing caused finished appearance, so an advanced dispensing equipment needed on the market to change the situation.
Pneumatic jet dispensing valve for dispensing a jet type, which is a modified pneumatic injection valve, the gas supply device, solenoid valve control valve to open the main intake passage, because the air outlet port is located above the piston inlet passage, gas enters into the piston cavity, the gas pushes the piston downwards motor driven piston, contact collision needle or downward movement; a power arm to touch hammer hits saving lever assembly, a resistance arm of the lever assembly and upward compression impact spring; piston cavity control solenoid valve outlet pressure relief after the impact spring rebound driven downward movement of the resistance arm hits the hammer hit the shoulder, the firing pin under pressure nozzle collision the nozzle assembly components, the glue extrusion, complete injection action of glue; finish after the collision, the reset spring is compressed to a closed reduction, to prepare for the next crash, Circulate in turn.
This dispensing way avoids the problems caused by contact in dispensing process, such as drawing and tailing, etc. it will not appear again. The dispensing efficiency and the quality of dispensing can be improved to a grade.
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