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Analysis of common problems of glue dispensing valve

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Dispensing valve is a kind of accessories in dispensing equipment. It can be divided into electric dispensing valve and pneumatic point glue valve. The dispensing modes of the two dispensing valves are different. When choosing, they can be selected according to the dispensing requirements and the use environment. It is easy to have some problems when using the dispensing equipment, so do the dispensing valves appear when the glue works? Is there any way to solve it when it appears?
In the process of glue dispensing valve will be leakage phenomenon such as glue, glue. Also because of poor glue quality and other reasons to affect the glue amount of glue. If the glue is used for the bubble phenomenon, it is easy to make the glue quantity unevenly, and affect the quality of the glue. The solidifying speed of the glue used is too fast, and the glue valve is blocked easily during the dispensing process, and it will also have some influence on the glue work. The selected needles are not suitable.
The above problems will appear in the dispensing process often, but according to the analysis of problems in the dispensing valve reducing use: leakage glue, epoxy glue viscosity is too low when the phenomenon may is used, can be used only in dispensing long needles for dispensing, dispensing valve can avoid leakage of glue, glue phenomenon; in the dispensing before checking the quality of the sealing and glue dispensing equipment, avoid bubbles or impurities clogging the dispensing valve, affect the dispensing work; some glue solidification speed too fast, such as instant adhesives, UV glue, the glue water need to use special dispensing syringe, avoid dispensing valve jam.
Before the glue dispensing equipment is used, the glue needles and the glue valves are selected to facilitate the dispensing work. Every time after the use of glue equipment, the glue valve should be cleaned for the next time.
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