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Working principle of gas moving point glue valve

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The pneumatic point glue valve and the electric dispensing valve belong to one dispensing way of dispensing valve. The two dispensing valves have different components. The pneumatic point glue valve is composed of a cylinder, a valve body and a upper and lower connection of the material cylinder, and the electric dispensing valve is composed of a pump body and a driving part. The valve body of the gas moving point glue valve is sealed with the sealing material and will not be immersed in the glue when the glue is used. So what are the working principles of the gas moving point glue valve?
As can be seen from the name, the gas moving point glue valve is operated by pneumatic rather than electric. The glue glue injection pressure in the bucket, check the pressure vessel pressure is qualified, if not enough pressure can be used to pressurize pump valve at work, but the best to be inflated and pressurized dispenser equipment open, convenient; pressure glue can be transported to the feeding tube, in the glue dispensing work delivery to the rubber valve in compressed air.
But there will be congestion, glue phenomenon in the dispensing process dispensing valve. When the blockage appears, it may be that the quality of the glue is not good. In the process of the glue, the glue needle will be blocked because of the impurity of the glue. There may be air tightness of the dispensing equipment itself is not good, if the seal is not good, will accelerate the solidification speed of glue, can also cause some impact on the dispensing work; there may be epoxy glue viscosity is too low, the use of improper dispensing equipment back pressure debugging, point in the process of rubber bubble is easier to make dispensing valve leakage in the glue dispensing process.
Pneumatic point glue valves can be used in electronic parts, cell phone buttons, semiconductor manufacturing, LED and other products, and there are many kinds of dispensing valves, such as pneumatic jet dispensing valve, pneumatic double liquid dispensing valve, thimble type single liquid dispensing valve and so on. When selecting the glue valve, it needs to be selected according to the requirement of the glue. It is convenient for the glue dispenser.
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