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Can the glue valve control the amount of glue

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As one of the parts of the dispensing equipment, the glue valve can be divided into electric spot glue valve, gas moving point glue valve and so on. The two kinds of dispensing valves have different working principles, for example, the electric dispensing valve is made up of pump body and driving mode. The structure is relatively simple, and needs electric power to work. The pneumatic point glue valve is made up of three parts, such as cylinder, valve body, material cylinder, etc., and it can also become pneumatic injection dispensing valve. Unlike the electric dispensing valve, the pneumatic point glue valve is used to glue glue to the point glue valve for dispensing through compressed air.
The use of glue valve has a wide range of use in electronic components, mobile components, semiconductor work, LED production and other industries can use a point glue valve. Because the range of use of dispensing valve is relatively wide, and the requirement for glue output per industry is different. In order to facilitate operation, we can operate dispensing valve to control glue dispensing quantity when we have different products. Then how does the glue valve control the amount of glue?
We have to understand the principle of two different dispensing dispensing valve, cylinder and valve in isolation but will require dispensing before work, and the sealing material the valve body and the cylinder is fitted up, avoid in the dispensing valve body immersed in the glue solidification phenomenon, influence plastic work. In order to conveniently adjust the dispensing quantity of the dispensing valve, the general dispensing equipment is equipped with a controller. After the power is opened, manual output can be used to debug the dispensing quantity of the dispensing valve.
In addition to the amount of glue that can be used to control the dispensing valve, it can also be used to adjust the amount of glue in the dispensing valve with different diameter of the glue needle. But in the choice of needles were chosen according to the viscosity of the glue used by the needle to avoid too long or too short for glue glue phenomenon appears, affect the dispensing quality etc..
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