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Design and analysis of jet valve

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The injection valve, like the spot glue valve, can be used as one of the accessories in the dispensing equipment. Dispensing equipment in many industries, some requirements for dispensing valve industry, in order to meet the needs of industry, the dispensing technology can be divided into contact dispensing type and non-contact dispensing technology, jet dispensing valve which belongs to non-contact dispensing method, and belongs to the dispensing valve contact dispensing method. So what about the design and analysis of the ejector valve?
The injection valve uses the characteristics of the piezoelectric material, produces electric power through a certain high pressure, and makes the glue work through the conversion of the electric power into the mechanical force. The valve of the injection valve is relatively small, and the feeding speed is relatively high frequency, so it can faster, can be in contact with the product dispensing work conditions, suitable for use in contact with the product, a small amount of rubber industry.
Before the use of the spray dispensing valve, the distance between the dispensing valve and the workbench must be adjusted accurately. When debugging, it can be tested slowly and slowly until the injection valve can be aligned, and the dispensing can be produced in batches. Avoid the error of the distance or position of the workbench and the dispensing valve to affect the glue work. When the glue is used, the backpressure pressure of the glue is also needed to be debugged. Avoid clogging in the process of glue, and influence the effect of glue.
Because the amount of glue injection valve spray is relatively small, so the use of jet dispensing valve need to debug according to the quantity of cement, to ensure the normal work of dispensing, jet dispensing valve in the choice in addition to choose according to the quantity of cement, but also need to choose according to the viscosity of the glue, glue used, easy to use.
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