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Effect of jetting valve

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The dispensing valve is one of the most important parts in the dispenser, dispensing machine can help achieve precision dispensing task, if there is no such accessories dispenser, dispensing the basic tasks can not be achieved, a dispensing valve, a variety of markets such as: high speed dispensing valve, jet dispensing valve, screw type dispensing valve so, these are hot glue valves, has very good effect.
The dispensing injection valve as the main explanation, the latest R & D injection valve in the domestic market of the machine parts dispensing, dispensing changed traditional pattern, improve the effect of dispensing and ensure the quality of the product, what can not meet the needs of customers, only these things is the customer need.
Dispensing dispensing injection valve has a lot of functions, each 2/s can control the dispensing speed, glue control precision can reach 0.01ml, this is a very advanced dispensing valve, dispensing machine using this valve also known as jet dispensing machine, there are not many manufacturers can make jet dispensing machine with high quality the proof of the injection valve dispensing process skills.
The quality of dispensing valve domestic production is still very good, choose appropriate dispensing valve and dispensing machine according to the product demand, this is the needs of the enterprises, each has a unique dispensing valve, such as: certain injection valve has the function of injection, can not come into contact with the product will be able to complete the task of dispensing. Dispensing valve has unique characteristics that can survive in the market more long.
The injection valve is to improve quality of production, in order to meet the needs of various industries, the future development needs of dispensing technology will be more strict, the use of ordinary dispensing valve, may not meet the needs of customers, or the product is not up to the requirements on schedule.
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