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The working principle of jetting dispensing valve

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In order to meet the needs of different industries, the working principle of dispensing equipment can be divided into non-contact dispensing and contact dispensing. The most common non-contact dispensing is jet valve, while contact dispensing is dispensing valve. There are two kinds of working principles, one is pneumatic and the other is electric. There are many differences between the two working principles. So what are the principles of the spray valve?
Before you know the working principle of the injection valve, first understand what is the injection valve. The injection valve is characterized by the voltage of the piezoelectric material is converted into mechanical energy, but the injection valve valve number is relatively small, velocity, frequency is relatively high, can spray a small amount of liquid material quickly, so the jet dispensing valve is difficult to use in non-contact dispensing products. General injection valve is relatively small, in the assembly is more convenient.
After getting to know what is the injection valve, here is the principle of the jet valve. Unlike the dispensing valves, the dispensing valves can be pressed by compressed air or through electric power. The injection valve is the crystal material that produces voltage when the pressure is under certain pressure. It can quickly spray out the glue and finish the work of the glue.
Although the jet dispensing valve dispensing more convenient, but because of no injection valve product position deviation of the influence effect of dispensing in use, so the use of injection valve for dispensing, the best to tune a good product and injection valve position, avoid the position deviation of impact point for glue. In addition to the need to debug the location, we need to adjust the distance between the ejector dispensing valve and the product. If the distance is too near or too far, it will damage the product in the dispensing process, and it will also cause some effects on the dispensing effect.
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