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What is the reason for leakage of glue from silica gel valve

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When we use silica gel for precise dispensing, we need to use AB precision dispensing machine to do dispensing. At the same time, we need to use silica gel dispensing valve to complete the matching. If we need to use silica gel to do dispensing in daily production, the leakage of glue in the dispensing valve is also what we usually call silicone rubber dispensing valve leaking glue, so that the dispensing glue will continue to flow out when it does not glue. So what's the cause of this bad phenomenon?
Silica gel automatic dispensing valve
There are many reasons for the leakage of glue in the glue dispenser, for example, the problem of silica gel valve, the external environment and the needles of the glue. The root of glue leakage is due to the low viscosity of glue, resulting in too much external pressure after glue dispensing operation, resulting in the phenomenon of continuous extrusion of glue. The root cause of this phenomenon is the above problems, but there are many reasons for this problem.
Silica gel precision dispensing valve
Silica gel used by silica gel valve is usually called silicic acid gel, which is mainly composed of nonmetallic compounds composed of silica. It has strong stability and high burning point, and silica gel itself is a kind of non crystal material, and has very strong stickiness characteristics. But this glue is easy to be affected by the external environment. For example, when the external temperature rises, the viscosity of this glue will decrease, and this phenomenon will happen after a certain limit.
Silica gel high speed glue valve
Of course, the silicone dispensing valve itself, will cause the leakage phenomenon, also is the dispensing valve wearing parts, wear too serious, sometimes makes the dispensing valve loose phenomenon is closed, which makes the glue dispensing machine leakage occurs phenomenon. If this phenomenon occurs, this problem can be solved by replacing the vulnerable parts in the dispensing valve.
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