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Common problems and solutions of glue valve in the process o

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It is easy to have some problems when the glue dispensing equipment is used, and the glue work will be affected. What are the common problems in the dispensing valve when the glue dispenser is used? Is there any way to solve it?
1, the phenomenon of plugging in the dispensing valve
The use of glue quality is not good, easy to plug the dispensing valve or the needle in the dispensing process, affect the dispensing quality; leakage of glue or glue can be used because the needle is not suitable for the viscosity of the glue dispensing machine, resulting in equipment in the dispensing process in glue, plastic drain phenomenon; so it is necessary to check the quality of the glue with the needle before using the dispensing equipment for dispensing, avoid the leakage and blockage phenomenon of glue, glue.
2, the amount of out of glue is not uniform
The amount of gel output is uneven. It may be that the pressure bucket in the pressure bucket is not enough, and the inflatable cylinder can be used to inflate and pressurize the valve. During the compression process, it is better to turn on the dispensing equipment, avoid excessive pressure, and also affect the glue quality.
3. Bubbles appear in the glue.
If the pressure barrel seal is not good, not only will the bubble phenomenon, affecting the quantity of cement, but also accelerates the solidification rate of the glue, glue dispensing effect; stirring direction is not uniform, too fast will make glue bubbles phenomenon; bubbles can be extracted using the vacuum bubble, avoid the influence of bubbles dispensing work.
4, the curing phenomenon of the dispensing valve
For some special glue, such as instant adhesives, UV glue, two glue solidification speed faster, the dispensing process is easy to make the dispensing valve solidification phenomenon, but can be debugged by dispensing needles with different lengths are chosen, avoid glue dispensing valve in solidification.
The above points are frequently encountered when the glue valve is used, and the common problems and solutions of the glue valve are noticed in use, and the glue is easy to work.
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