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All of the silica gel valve accessories have those

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The dispensing valve is often used in the dispensing machine, so we use the dispenser for dispensing valve engineering, structure, and properties and price it needs to have a certain understanding, so that we can better collocation, choose a suitable dispensing valve for dispensing operation. If we want to use the silica gel valve to do the dispensing operation, then we need to know that the silica gel valve accessories all have those? What's the market price of silica gel valve? Only it has a preliminary understanding of it, in the process of use can play its greatest advantage.
Silica gel precision dispensing valve
We want to use the silica gel valve, as its name implies is a kind of glue accessories that can use silica gel to do the glue operation. The most commonly used silica gel for dispensing valves is a substance called silica gel, which is mainly composed of silica. The non-metallic compound has strong stability and high ignition point, and silica gel itself is a non crystalline material with strong viscosity. In general, this glue will mix with other auxiliaries to improve its performance and improve the dispensing effect. Therefore, silicone rubber dispensing fittings are mainly driven by electricity or machinery.
Silica gel automatic dispensing valve
However, most of the silica gel valve in front of the market has used most of the power as the main driving form. So its glue valve parts are made up of the stator and the rotor. It uses the stator to drive the rotor to realize the directional rotation, and finally completes the precision dispensing operation of the silica gel. Then this kind of dispensing valve can also complete reverse rotation, so as to achieve vacuum suction function. It is precisely because of this it can also be called a return suction valve.
Silica gel high speed glue valve
To sum up, because this is the outstanding performance of the dispensing valve, so the back suction dispensing valve price will be slightly more expensive than the traditional dispensing valve to the general, but this does not interfere with the dispensing valve sales from the market survey, and the dispensing valve sales rise.
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