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What are the necessary accessories for the glue dispenser

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Before the automatic dispensing device is not available, the adhesive work is performed manually by instilling the manual dispensing efficiency in addition to unable to meet production needs, the dispensing accuracy can not meet the production work, appear dispensing bring great convenience for the industry production and related accessories dispensing machine will further enhance the efficiency and quality of dispensing dispensing. Then the dispensing machine necessary accessories have?
As an important parts of dispensing valve dispensing machine, mainly responsible for processing applications need glue dispensing, dispensing dispensing control valve will open to let the glue flow, stop dispensing only need to control the closure of the valve can stop to stop the flow of glue, dispensing, dispensing valve on the market most of the pneumatic control, and dispensing valve application of electric control in high demand in use, price and function of the electric control valve proportional pneumatic dispensing valve strong dependence on the gas, if there is no stable gas source is easy to cause the glue supply spasmodic, and electric type dispensing valve can accurately control the flow of glue, is very efficient for dispensing in terms of dispensing valve.
Dispensing needle as the inclusion part of the bottom of the dispensing valve is mainly used for dispensing glue to the target. Dispensing needles with high accuracy can meet users' production needs. Stainless steel needles as accessories, with high durability and durable, can be used with a certain corrosive glue dispensing, dispensing needle types according to the industry classification, such as oblique needle, flexible needle, Teflon needle etc..
The application of the glue dispenser can not be separated from the application of the dispensing valve and the needles of the spot glue. Only these two parts can be equipped to complete the more comprehensive glue work.
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