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What are the common problems of point glue valves in the glu

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With the domestic market continues to open the dispensing valve, to a certain extent, but also enhance the sales of dispensing valve market, further increase market sales also directly enhance the production enthusiasm of manufacturers. But often there are things, there is a positive side, of course, also has bad side, for example: dispensing valve often the glue is not uniform, the flow rate is too slow, and other issues in the presence of air bubbles in the glue dispensing process, so the daily operation of the dispensing valve what are the common problems?
1. glue valve dripping: this situation often occurs after the glue valve is closed, and the 95% is due to the small diameter of the needle. Too small needles will affect the flow of the liquid and cause the back pressure, which results in the leakage of the valve soon after the closing of the valve. Too small needles also affect the action of the exhaust bubble when the valve begins to use.
Solution: can adjust the pressure barrel pressure, do not be too high, can drive the glue. The dispensing valve can be fine-tuning, as far as possible (reducing the response time of the dispensing valve fast), or the replacement of a larger needle to solve this problem. The conical slanted needles produce the least backpressure and the fluid flow is the most smooth. When the liquid air is closed after the valve is closed, it will have a leak phenomenon. It is better to preclude the air from the liquid in advance, or to use glue that is not easy to contain bubbles. Or first glue centrifugal defoaming after use.
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2. inhomogeneous glue: when the glue is not consistent, it is mainly caused by the pressure cylinder of the storage fluid or the instability of the air pressure.
Solution: the intake pressure regulator should be set by 10 to 15psi lower than the minimum pressure in the factory. The pressure used in the pressure cylinder should be in the middle of the pressure regulator, and the pressure should be avoided in the low pressure part of the pressure gauge. The rubber valve control pressure should be at least 60psi above to ensure the stability of the glue. In the end, the glue time should be checked. If less than 15/1000 seconds, the glue is unstable, and the longer the glue is out, the more stable the glue is.
This is the problem that the spot glue valve often meets in the process of glue dispensing, so long as these solutions are debugged one by one according to the above solutions.
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