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What are the problems that often occur in the automatic glue

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Although the automatic dispensing valve production technology now has improved enough, but no matter how advanced equipment, there will be problems in the use of the process, so the automatic dispensing valve, which is then in the process of application of automatic glue dispensing valve problems often occur?
1, glue valve dripping: this kind of situation often occurs after the glue valve is closed. 95% of this is due to the small caliber of the needles used. Too small needles will affect the flow of the liquid and cause the back pressure, which results in the leakage of the valve shortly after the closing of the valve. Too small needles also affect the action of the exhaust bubble when the valve begins to use, and the problem can be solved by replacing a larger needle. The conical slanted needles produce the least backpressure and the fluid flow is the most smooth. The liquid air in the rubber valve closed will produce leakage phenomenon, the best is precluded in liquid air, or use is not easy to bubble containing gel. First glue or centrifugal defoaming after use; 2, the flow rate is too slow, too slow if the velocity should be the line from 1/4 "to 3/8". If the pipeline in no case of special needs is as short as possible.
3, needle: general than 20 small needles are likely to produce air - leakage or vertical flow. Try to use a large metal needle or cone oblique needle. Avoid the use of Teflon or around the needle; 4, instant glue (glue) plug in rubber valve and pipe joints on the situation: mainly because of excessive moisture or repeated use of the instant glue. Be sure to use the fresh instant glue. The pipeline without moisture Aceton acetone thoroughly cleaned. The use of air should be determined after drying and air pressure in the factory and plastic valve system to install filters. (above method still is invalid. Should the use of nitrogen).
This is the problem that the automatic dispensing valve often appears in the process of glue dispensing. As long as it follows the above methods one by one, it will be well solved.
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