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How to apply the needling needle to the dispensing operation

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In addition to dispensing quality between performance and the body itself, and is closely related to the quality and efficiency of parts, precision dispensing needle is an important factor in determining the dispensing accuracy, the more the more fine needles can achieve the accurate quantity of cement, in fact the correct operation to dispensing or dispensing accessories it requires the operators to play the best effect, so how to use needles.
The selection of dispensing needles is the premise for determining the quality of work. If we need to use the glue with high fluidity and high viscosity, we can use TT dispensing needles to achieve the TT dispensing needles, which are suitable for low demand production line and will not solidify for a long time. The most common dispensing needles in the industry are stainless steel dispensing needles. The stainless steel dispensing needles are of high quality, high hardness, long service life and wide application scope, and can support glue dispensing of various viscosities for dispensing.
The installation process determines whether can effectively fix the dispensing needle for dispensing work stable and efficient in dispensing machine, if not properly installed needles will affect the dispensing work quality, causing breakage and other bad problems, dispensing needles are usually installed in the bottom or dispensing syringe dispensing valve at the bottom of the two bayonet bayonet point needle tip it is specially used for fixed, if the need for dispensing stable work can use the bayonet needle.
To ensure the stable operation of dispensing machine can enhance the use effect of dispensing needles, the pressure value of glue dispensing, the viscosity of glue and the properties of glue will affect the effect of dispensing needles. According to the actual situation, the adjustment is the important premise to exert the best performance of dispensing needles.
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